Hair Removal

Lycon Waxing Hair Removal at Partners Beauty Salon in Broughty Ferry

i love lycon 01Our hair removal specialists at Partners Broughty Ferry offer gentle and soothing Lycon precision waxing hair removal.  

You can expect a fast, efficient and discreet service with hair as short as 1mm being removed from the root, ensuring super smooth skin for longer. 

Lycon Hot Wax is gentle and non-sticky, offering a 50% reduction in sensation – perfect for those delicate areas – while PhD Strip Wax is a clean, efficient strip waxing system which is ideal for larger areas. 

We can offer waxing for legs, arms, back, chest, under arms, brows, upper lip, face, bikini line, G-string and Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.  We also offer specialised Waxing Packages.

Give us a call on 01382 732737 to book in for your hair removal treatment at Partners Broughty Ferry.

The Benefits of Waxing

Partners Hair and Beauty Salon in Dundee provide a wide range of hot and warm wax treatments to temporarily remove unwanted hair.   Waxing removes large sections of hair direct from the root, promising a smooth and clean finish every time. The benefits of waxing include: 

  • It is quick, easy and has long-lasting results
  • For those with busy lifestyles, it is the ideal solution for keeping unwanted hair at bay
  • When hair grows back after being waxed, it is softer and finer
  • You are guaranteed a clean and smooth finish with every wax treatment.
Areas We Cover


Broughty Ferry


St Andrews

Hollywood Waxing & Brazilian Waxing 

waxing treatment at top dundee salon If you’re serious about having an extreme waxing service, it really is worth the time and effort to get it done by an expert. After all, we are talking about the most sensitive areas on your body. Our highly experienced beauty therapists offer a discrete and professional service at all times.  They have trained in extreme waxing with ‘The Wax Queen’, Kim Lawless.  We recommend and only use hot wax for the bikini area because it ‘shrink wraps’ the hair, keeping any discomfort to a minimum and giving super smooth results.  

How Often Should I Get Waxed?

Regrowth will depend on the individual however, you are likely to see minimal regrowth in around 3 weeks. We advise that you come back every 4-5 weeks to ensure you stay on top of any unwanted hair.

Will Waxing Hair Removal Hurt?

top waxing salon in dundeeWe’d be lying if we said you wouldn’t feel a slight discomfort, especially if you are experiencing waxing for the first time. However, we use the best quality wax that is available and our beauty therapists are highly skilled with vast experience in carrying out hot wax treatments. Any discomfort will be minimal and will last momentarily, so try not to worry. You are in very capable hands!





Waxing After Care

Lycon Waxing Treatment, Partners Salon DundeeAfter you’ve had your wax treatment, it is advisable to avoid the sun, deodorant, hot baths or showers, spas and saunas and chlorinated pools as your skin may be easily irritated. It is also important to keep the waxed area moisturised and hydrated, so ensure to use a good moisturiser or something simple and unscented, like baby oil.





Female Waxing Prices

Facial Waxing
Eyebrows £10-12
Nostrils £8.00
Earlobes £6.00
Lip or chin £10.00
Lip and chin £12.00
Sides of face £6.00
Cheekbones £6.00
Hairline (forehead) £6.00
Full face (not including eyebrows) £18.00
Part of neck £5.00
Full neck £10.00
Upper Body Waxing
Underarms £10.00
Forearms (including elbows and hands) £10.00
Upper arms (including elbows) £10.00
Full arms (including hands) £25.00
Hands only £7.00
Lower back £10.00
Full back £18.00
Nipples £12.00
Navel line £5.00
Buttocks £12.00
full stomach £11.00
Lower Body Waxing
Half leg (knees and below including feet) £18.00
Half leg (above knee) £18.00
Three quarter leg £18.00
Full leg (including feet) £30.00
Back of thighs only £12.00
Full body (neck downwards with Hollywood) £95.00
Extreme Brazilian Waxing
Traditional bikini (a tidy up – removal of hair from outside the pant line) £12.00
Extended bikini (high leg bikini wax – hair removed from pant line and inner thigh) £20.00
Hot wax Bollywood (Completely bare, a thorough wax from back to front, leaving small landing strip) £28.00
Hot wax Hollywood (Completely bare, a thorough wax from back to front) £40.00
Ibiza £14.00
Egyptian (bum and buttocks) £17.00

MALE Facial Waxing

Eyebrows £8.00
Nostrils £8.00
Ears £8.00
Cheekbones £10.00
Hairline (face) £15.00
Back of neck £8.00
Upper Body Waxing
Chest and abs £25.00
Abs only £15.00
Chest only £25.00
Upper back and shoulders £20.00
Shoulders and back of neck £20.00
Full back and shoulders £25.00
Shoulders only £15.00
Small of back only £15.00
Underarms £10.00
Forearms (including elbows and hands) £20.00
Upper arms (elbows) £15.00
Full arms (including hands) £25.00
Hands and fingers £8.00
Lower Body Waxing
Full legs and feet £35.00
Upper legs (including knees) £20.00
Lower legs (including knees and feet) £20.00
Feet only (including toes) £7.00
Full leg and speedo £45.00

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