Experience ‘Nioxin’ Award-winning Products For Thinning Hair

Partners Hair are proud stockists of NIOXIN – the number one stylist-recommended thinning-hair brand – at our hair salon in Dundee. NIOXIN’s customised range of hair and scalp products are proven to deliver noticeably thicker, fuller-looking hair in just 30 days.

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In fact, more than 70% of users noticed incredible results in a recent study! If your fine, limp, lacklustre locks are making taking their toll on your confidence, visit our Dundee Hairdressers and get ready for an all new you!


There is no one singe cause of thinning hair – there are many!

Thinning hair affects men and women of all ages. The cause is often genetic, and can also be triggered by certain life stages. Hair cells reproduce at a faster rate than any other in our bodies, so they are also sensitive to changes in our health or environment. Addressing thinning begins with understanding what causes and contributes to it, and the early warning signs to look out for.

5 EFFECTS For Thicker Looking Hair

EFFECT 1 | Reduces Hair Breakage

Have you noticed your hair breaking?
Does a lot of hair remain in the sink after you’ve had a shower?
Or in your hairbrush after brushing?

Both can be signs of hair breakage. Nioxin reduces breakage by smoothing and protecting the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair shaft.

EFFECT 2 | Delivers Denser Looking Hair

Nioxin_30_Day_ChallengeDoes you hair look very thin in certain areas?
Have you spotted a receding hairline, thinning crown or a wider parting?

Thinning hair is often only recognised when styling reveals an increasingly larger proportion of the scalp. Nioxin is designed to make hair strong, healthy and thicker-looking.

EFFECT 3 | Amplifies Hair Texture

Is the texture of your hair becoming increasingly fine?
Does you hair lack fullness and body?
And do you find that conditioners often weigh it down?

Several factors, including age and cuticle damage, can cause hair to become thinner. NIOXIN increases the fullness of individual strands of hair, ensuring it is healthy, vibrant and looks radiantly thick.

EFFECT 4 | Strengthens Hair Against Cuticle Damage

Does you hair look dull and lifeless, and have split ends?
Has your hair lost its vibrancy and health?

Cuticle damage, where the outer casing of your hair becomes rough and frayed, and can rob your hair of its natural beauty. NIOXIN’s blend of ingredients strengthens individual hairs against cuticle damage, and protects against styling and the elements.

EFFECT 5 | Cleanses Excessive Sebum From The Scalp

Do you suffer from an oily scalp and hair?
Or, alternatively, is your scalp dry and itchy?

Both can point to excessive production and build up of sebum – a naturally occurring substance that contributes to greasy hair. NIOXIN thoroughly cleanses the scalp, removing excess sebum and helping hair maintain its vitality.

In-Salon NIOXIN Services at Partners Hair

NioxinMaking the most of the hair you have begins with a consultation at our hairdressers in Dundee. One of our fully-qualified stylists will be able to introduce you to the benefits of NIOXIN, talk through your needs and will recommend a tailored solution to your hair problems and issues.

If you’ve never used NIOXIN before, we’d recommend a Complete Renewal Service. Carried out by an accredited Partners Hair Stylist, the service includes:

  • Consultation – This is where it all starts: a conversation about the causes of thinning hair and an assessment of your individual needs.
  • Scalp Renew Density Protection – Regular use of this take-home treatment is recommended after Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Service.
  • Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment – This in-salon service is a great introduction to NIOXIN, and you will instantly feel the effects.

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