NIOXIN treatments for hair loss and thinning hair

The subject of hairloss can be taboo , but 78 percent of male and female salon clients are concerned with thinning hair, and 60% think nothing can be done” – Nioxin

Partners Hair Salon in Broughty Ferry, Dundee as an ‘Official Ambassador Salon’ for NIOXIN Products for Thinning Hair can offer proven hair loss solutions.

Are you worried that your hair is becoming increasingly fine or thinning? You’re not alone! The majority of the population will suffer from thinning hair at some point in their life.

At Partners Hair, we are here to help. As an Ambassador NIOXIN salon with intensive Nioxin training, we are experts when it comes to improving fine hair in both men and women. Read more about the NIOXIN ’30 Day Challenge’ at Partners by clicking here.

The NIOXIN System – How Does It Work? 

NIOXIN treatments for hair loss and thinning hairNioxin Research Laboratories believe that strong and healthy hair begins below the surface of the scalp. Follicles can easily be plugged with sebum, hardened collagen and layers of dead skin cells.

If follicles are clogged, strands cannot grow from them. In a healthy growing environment it is not uncommon to find two or three strands of hair growing out of each follicle site.

The more follicles that are blocked, the fewer strands of hair that will grow. This is what makes the scalp noticeable and gives the impression of balding.

Hair that does manage to grow will be weak which means hair will break easily, and they will thin out.

We offer a three-step process to set your hair and scalp on the right track using our Nioscope machine.

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Step 1. An in-salon consultation using the Nioscope machine

nioxin salons dundeeOur Nioscope, a specialised magnifier to study the scalp, can show clients before and after images of their scalp. This means clients can then determine for themselves if the salon treatments offered are is producing results.

Unlike traditionally microscopes, a Nioscope projects the field of view onto a monitor so hair clients can see their own scalp on a laptop screen.


Step 2. A dermabrasion treatment carried out by one of our qualified Nioxin experts

nioxin-dermabrazjaIncreasing cellular renewal of the scalp with a natural dermabrasion works the same way microdermabrasion works for the face.Sloughing off dead, flaky skin allows younger skin cells to surface. Younger cells are fresher, clearer and healthier. For the scalp this means a healthier environment for new hair growth.

The dermabrasion treatment helps to regenerate and revitalise scalp skin through exfoliation. This helps to remove the build-up around hair follicles and accelerate skin surface regeneration by up to 34% compared to untreated skin.

The service is performed in-salon by a qualified Nioxin professional, and is recommended every 4-6 weeks. Following the dermabrasion treatment, we would again examine your scalp with the nioscope machine to note any differences.

Step 3. Nioxin Scalp Treatment

NIOXIN treatments for hair loss and thinning hairThe dermabrasion is rinsed using warming water and the hair is treated with Nioxin cleanser, revitaliser and a scalp treatment. (if you wish to book in for a cut or blow dry following, this is a separate charge).

Nioxin Homecare

A Nioxin home care treatment programme is then selected to suit your hair type and condition. Nioxin is made up of a variety of different hair care ranges to treat all types of hair and conditions.


NEW INSTANT FULLNESS Product – Available Now!

NIOXIN treatments for hair loss and thinning hair
People with fine or thinning hair are all searching for the same thing: fuller hair. The new INSTANT FULLNESS is the daily solution, instantly absorbing oil and helping to prolong the fullness of the 3-Part Sytem Kits, for lightweight fullness and denser-looking hair.

Hair is up to 2x fuller within seconds*! Discover the product in two convenient sizes: available for ON THE GO and at-home use.*vs. hair treated with a 24h average amount of sebum

How It Works: Exclusive to NIOXIN, FUSION FIBRIL™ TECHNOLOGY absorbs excess sebum that can build up during the day, while adding dimension and space between each individual hair strand. Easily brushed out, Instant Fullness leaves the scalp clean and refreshed.