Hair Cuts & Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Hair Cuts and Styles for Face Shapes from Partners Salon, Broughty Ferry, Dundee

If you looked in the mirror right now, would you know what face shape you are?  Would you also know which hair cuts and hairstyles would suit your individual face shape?

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It’s one fundamental thing that our professional stylists at our Dundee hairdressers will do every time we meet a client and discuss hairstyles. We will assess your face shape and make recommendations for hair cuts and hairstyles that will flatter and enhance your facial features.


So, take a look at the following face shapes, decide which one is most like yours and read our guide to hair cuts and hairstyles for face shapes;

Hair Cuts for Square Face Shapes

SquarenewL_A4Square face shapes typically have a strong, angular jawline that is very prominent. A square face shape suggests an air of importance, strength and it appears to be bold. If you want to play to these suggestions then choose a hairstyle that will enhance a square face shape.  Demi Moore has chosen a long, sleek, one colour straight hairstyle that emphasises her strong jaw and square face shape.

If you want to play down a square face shape then the key is adding softness.  Soft long layers that end around the jawline or waves and curls can soften a square face shape.

Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Round-L_A4If you have a round face shape – lucky you! Round face shapes are said to look more youthful due to the soft edges of the forehead and chin coupled with wide, full cheeks.  The key to a great hair cut and hairstyle for a round, full face shape is to create length and height to balance out the roundness of the face.  Kelly Clarkson is a great example of how cutting a graduated bob that starts from the back of the head and tapers down to just below the can flatter a round face shape.  Ginnifer Goodwin shows how a thick fringe can also hide a round forehead and complement a round face shape.  Adele’s beehive hairstyle has created height, making her round face appear longer and slimmer.


Hair Cuts and Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes

Long-L_A4If you have a long face shape you are likely to have a large forehead and chin.  Generally, hair tips for long face shapes include avoiding long hairstyles that just create more length and emphasise a long face.  However, if you really can’t leave your long locks behind take note from Kate Beckinsale who has used a thick blunt fringe to cut the length of her face and make it feel like it is more in proportion.

If you do have long hair and a long face, there are many upstyles that can flatter and balance a long face shape.  Sarah Jessica Parker is a big upstyle fan and her low wide intricate bun here creates width at the centre of the head, drawing attention from her long face shape.  Hairstyles to the side of the head or those that involve waves and curls can help counter balance the length of a long face shape.


Hairstyles for Heart and Triangular Shaped Faces

Heart-L_A4Heart shaped faces are also sometimes known as triangular face shapes.  If your chin seems to come to a point you have most probably got a heart or triangular shaped face.  A true heart shaped face will most probably possess a widow’s peak hairline like Marilyn Monroe or Kourtney Kardashian.  Whilst Marilyn and Kourtney wear their widow’s peaks proudly, not everyone feels the same and at Partners we have met clients who would rather disguise their widow’s peak.  This is easily achieved by using a fringe with longer sides.  Reese Witherspoon demonstrates how the fringe can flatter a heart shaped face.

Other hairstyles for heart shaped faces include those which add width around the jawline to balance out the point of the chin.  Waves and curls are great for this, as are side upstyles like low side buns and chignon hairstyles.


Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

Oval-L_A4If you have an oval face shape then thank your parents for passing on the genes to develop what’s regarded as the perfect face shape.  The oval face shape is even in proportion, with facial features all perfectly balanced.  As such, hair cuts and hairstyles for an oval face shape have endless possibilities and choices.  Whether you want to wear your hair long or be brave and opt for a short pixie crop, an oval face shape usually suits most hairstyles.

The hair cut and hairstyles to avoid with an oval face shape are anything that brings hair forward or onto the face.  Bringing hair onto the face with your haircut or cutting a fringe will add weight to the face and isn’t as flattering as those hair cuts and hairstyles that keep the hair off the face and show off your features.