Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for women, but with fluctuating hormones some days pregnancy symptoms can leave you feeling pretty awful and can also lead to hair changes during pregnancy. You may need a trip to Partners Hair and Beauty Salon in Dundee for that ‘pick me up’ you deserve to make you feel and look beautiful!

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A Hair Care guide during Pregnancy from Partners Hair in Dundee

Pregnancy brings changes that can affect everything – even your hair! Many women find that their hair along with their waistlines becomes thicker during pregnancy due to rising levels of oestrogen slowing down the shedding process, resulting in thicker, longer and shinier hair! You may be amazed with the volume and bounce you may get with your hair! Your hair may get oiler or even dry and frizzy, and after childbirth you may find you are shedding your hair whilst your hair returns to its normal cycle.  We recognise at Partners Hair that pregnancy and fluctuating hormones can change your hair. You may ask ‘can I colour my hair during pregnancy’ or ‘should I perm my hair whilst pregnant?’

If in any doubt please consult with your GP during pregnancy with any issues or concerns.

Can I Colour my hair when Pregnant?

Some expectant Mums choose to wait until after the first trimester to colour their hair. You could decide to have a few highlights or lowlights instead of a full head of colour, since these treatments are less likely to touch your scalp. Check out the guidelines from the NHS about colouring your hair during pregnancy here  

If you decide to perm your hair during pregnancy keep in mind that fluctuating hormone levels may make your hair respond differently than normal, speak to your hair stylist at Partners Hair for advice on perming your hair during pregnancy

Pregnancy Hair Problems

If your straight hair becomes bouncier and curly during pregnancy, or if your curly hair becomes straight, enjoy the change while it lasts and simply modify your hair care routine during pregnancy, your hair will likely return to its normal state after your baby is born. If your hair becomes oily or dry during pregnancy change your shampoo and conditioning routine or even try a change of products, talk to our professional hairstyling team at Partners Hair who will be happy to advise you.

What’s your Hairstyle during Pregnancy?

Some Mum’s to be decide to go for a shorter hairstyle for easier hair styling, but some think twice about the drastic change in hairstyle during pregnancy. If you are pregnant with long hair you can easily experiment with different ways of putting your hair up and still look great! Speak to your stylist at Partners Hair on advice on creating an upstyle for your hair!

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Hairstyles for new Mums

Hair upstyles are great for new Mums, you can try a plait, a ponytail or even tray a bun ring to create professional looking hair. If you decide you want a shorter hairstyle come and talk to us at Partners Hair so we can help you find a low maintenance hairstyle to suit your face shape.

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Pregnancy Beauty Treatments at Partners Hair, Dundee

Any new Mum will tell you that you need to make time for yourself. So give yourself a well-earned break and treat yourself to a spot of pampering!

Our beauty experts at Partners Hair can help you feel relaxed, refreshed and looking gorgeous!

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