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The Brand New System Professional range from Wella Professionals is now available from Partners Hair salon in Dundee NOW. It will soon be available to buy online from our online-store.

On the understanding that your hair is as unique as your Fingerprint, we created an ultra-personalized care system, in the form of an energy code, that can make your hair energy feel like it is reborn to a virgin state.

Your unique energy code is one of 174 million possible combinations! We are absolutely delighted to be one of the first salons in the Dundee area to be offering this fantastic new product range from Wella.

The product ranges fall into 4 Pillars: Derma, Fibra, Forma & Extras.

Areas We Cover


Broughty Ferry


St Andrews

DERMA – Products designed for healthy scalp

Balance – DESIGNED TO CARE AND SOOTHE THE SCALP Shampoo, Mask, Energy Serum, Lotion

Purify – DESIGNED TO DEEPLY CLEANSE AND REDUCE DANDRUFF Shampoo, Mask, Shampeeling, Lotion

FIBRA – Products that reconstruct the hair fiber and protect from exposure to external influences

LuxeOil – DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE KERATIN IN HAIR WITH LUXURIOUS OILS Keratin Protect Shampoo, Keratin Conditioning Cream, Keratin Restore Mask, Reconstructive Elixir, Keratin Boost Essence, Light Oil

ColorSave – DESIGNED TO REPAIR AND ENHANCE COLOR TREATED HAIR FOR LASTING BRILLIANCE Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Infusion, Bi-Phase Conditioner, Shimmering Spray, Fluid

Repair –  DESIGNED TO RECONSTRUCT DAMAGED AND FRAGILE HAIR FIBER Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Infusion, Perfect Hair, Perfect Ends

Solar – DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE HAIR FROM DAMAGE THROUGH SUN EXPOSURE – Hair & Body Shampoo, Hydro Repair Conditioner, Sun Oil, Solar Cream, Helio Spray

FORMA – Products that support the natural moisture,texture and shape of the hair. These products give optimal hair energy to all hair types.

Hydrate – DESIGNED TO DEEPLY RESTORE DRY HAIR’S MOISTURE BALANCE Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Infusion, Quenching Mist

Volumize – DESIGNED TO STRENGTHEN AND UPLIFT FINE HAIR Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Infusion, Curl Definer

Smoothen – DESIGNED TO DETANGLE AND SOFTEN REBELLIOUS, CURLY AND UNRULY HAIR Shampoo, Mask, Infusion, Emulsion, Aerolifter, Bodyfying Foam

EXTRA – HIGH PERFORMANCE, SALON EXCLUSIVE Products for deep hair transformation and professional salon service

Silver Shampoo

Deep Cleanser

Elastic Force

Liquid Hair

Alpha Energy

Wella System Professional is a fantastic range of hair care products to match your unique hair type. Choose from scalp soothing and protection, colour saving, hair repairing, moisturising and volumising hair products as well as those that make your hair smoother and shinier. There are also great products aimed at men with shampoo, conditioner, mask, emulsion and infusion, plus styling products.