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The Best Hair Colour from the Wella Master Colourists at Partners Hair Salon in Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Award-winning Partners Hair Salon in Broughty Ferry has been bringing sensational hairstyles and colours to our loyal guests for over 18 years. Dedicated to expanding what we offer, we are at the cutting edge of hair colouring thanks to our very own Wella Master Colour Experts.

Wella Master ColouristsEveryone knows that when you look great, you feel great – and at Partners Hair Salon in Dundee, we make sure you look and feel great! Located on Gray Street, Broughty Ferry since 1998 our reputation for excellence is second to none.

Owners Pauline and Laurie have assembled an award-winning team of fabulous stylists and experts trained in the most current and on-trend techniques and products.

Among the best of the best is Stephanie McLaren who is a Wella Master Colour Expert. Here she reveals why that’s so important and how Partners guests can benefit from her in-depth colour knowledge and skills…

Stephanie reveals why that’s so important and how Partners guests can benefit from her in-depth colour knowledge and skills…

What is a Master Colour Expert?

As a Master Colour Expert, I am one of Wella’s UK and Ireland Top Professional Hair Colourists. Partners Hair is one of a chosen few salons in the UK and Ireland to be given this enviable accolade.

How did you get on the Master Colour Programme?

I was given this fantastic opportunity because colouring hair has always been my passion. I am always want to learn new things! Therefore, this programme was ideal for me to broaden my knowledge and increase my confidence in all aspects of hair colouring.

What benefits does it bring to the salon?

This accolade helps make the salon one of the most sought after and in demand in our area. I have also been fortunate enough to pass my knowledge onto my colleagues through further training sessions in the salon. This is a great thing to do because it boosts team morale and keeps spirits high, knowing that we are all there to support and learn from one another.

What did you enjoy most about becoming a Wella Master Colour Expert?

I really enjoyed meeting new people and becoming part of the Wella family. I worked alongside some the most creative Wella Guest Artists. They shared all the latest techniques and hair colour knowledge with us. It helped me to gain confidence, knowing that everyone faced similar challenges when it came to colouring hair in the salon. It taught me to be realistic about what I can offer my colour guests. Not every colour can be achieved instantly, it’s sometimes a journey.

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What attracted you to Wella as a brand?

Wella have been around for over 130 years. They always deliver innovations and services enabling us to be extremely creative. Since joining the Wella Family, we have had massive amounts of training and the support network is incredible. I love working with Wella Colour as the possibilities are endless. They have such a vast range of colour, shades and tones so there is always something to suit everyone.