Your Hair Colour Re-Growth Explained…

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Have you ever wondered why your Partner’s hair colour technician advises you re-book your root touch-up before you leave the salon? Let us explain…

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6 weeks is the optimum time period in which to have your roots colour re-applied. This is because after this time we have to treat your regrowth differently. This is to avoid overlapping colour and creating unsightly colour bands down the hair.

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When you have a hair, colour applied to your natural root colour this is known as ‘virgin hair’ and is treated differently to hair that already has hair colour on it. If you do not have your root colour applied professionally on a regular basis, it can be a lengthy process to put right – and can often result in a more expensive hair colouring service.

The reason why? Natural root hair colour has not been exposed to outside environmental damage such as heat and smog -whereas the hair further down the hair shaft has been. This means that we first have to apply a ‘mid band’ hair colour, and then come back and apply a different colour to your roots. This can cause unnecessary damage and breakage to your hair, especially during a bleaching service.

At Partners hair salon in Dundee we get very busy and can often get booked up months in advance. So please be advised to book your next appointment before you leave the salon to avoid disappointment.

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