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Embrace Silver Hues: Say Goodbye to Yellowing Grey Hair

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 If you have grey hair, it’s likely that you’ve felt the frustration of yellow or brassy tones creeping in at some point or another. Understanding why this happens and the right solution is vital to maintaining gorgeous grey locks. Happily, the team at Partners are ready and available to revitalise your grey hair with Wella’s innovative True Grey in-salon treatment and a few other tips and tricks. Before we explore how these revolutionary treatments get grey hair back on track, let’s delve into the science behind grey hair turning yellow. 

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Understanding Why Grey Hair Turns Yellow  

Grey hair is a result of reduced melanin production in the hair follicles and occurs naturally as we age. Since grey hair has less melanin, it’s susceptible to a wider range of damaging environmental factors. These include UV rays, pollutants, cigarette smoke, chlorine, pigments in hair products, product buildup, and mineral deposits in hard water. 

Discolouration happens when these external elements interact with their hair shaft. As a result, pesky yellow tones replace desired silver shades. Luckily, several steps, including Wella’s True Grey Toner can mitigate these environmental factors. These work to revitalise grey hair and reveal those desired silvery grey hues.

How to Rejuvenate Grey Hair Like a Pro 

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Grey hair can get back to looking glam with a few in-salon and at-home tools. Having the right home haircare products & in-salon treatments can help clients maintain cooler, silver shades. It can also protect their hair from future environmental damage. Solutions include: 

Special Shampoos & Conditioners for Grey Hair

Using shampoos and conditioners that are specifically tailored for grey hair is one of the best ways to keep your hair looking fresh. These products are often infused with a subtle violet pigment that mitigates unwanted brassy tones and leaves grey hair looking fabulous. Clarifying shampoo is also brilliant when it comes to removing product build-up, which can also contribute to yellowing greys. Our stylists can advise you on the best at-home systems for your grey hair to ensure it maintains your desired shade. 

UV/Heat Protection Sprays:

The sun and various heat styling tools including hairdryers and hair straighteners can damage hair over time and intensify yellowing and dullness. In fact, this term has a name in the professional world - 'bronzing.' Using a specialised heat and UV protection spray can protect the hair shaft and reduce damage. Chat with our stylists about the best protective sprays for your unique haircare needs. 

WELLA True Grey Treatments

Wella True Grey Colour Toners Partners Dundee

 While using special shampoos and sprays for grey hair will help with yellow tones and dullness, Wella’s in-salon True Grey toning service can be used to improve depth and dimension and refresh silvery hues. These treatments offer the gentlest of tints, making it a damage-free service for those who want to embrace their greys.

Choose between 7 tones depending on your grey shade. Light tones, including Graphite Shimmer Light and Pearl Mist, are ideal for revitalising brighter tones. Or opt for medium and darker tints like Graphite Shimmer Dark or Steel Glow Medium for more volume and dimension. 

Our in-salon toning treatments only take 30 minutes to develop, making them a quick and easy way to revitalise dulling or yellowing locks. As always, we will analyse your unique hair profile and devise a bespoke treatment plan to renew your greys.

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