The Shag Haircut

A Guide To The Shag Haircut At Partners Hair Salon In Dundee

Shag Hairstyle Partners Broughty FerryThe shag haircut is the latest hairstyle that is taking the hairdressing world by storm! This hairstyle is inspired by the 70s shag haircut which involves feathered layers at the top and sides of the hair.

At Partners Broughty Ferry Hairdressers, we can create the perfect modern shag haircut for you. Our expert team use precision hair cutting techniques for gorgeous results.  Since comeback of the shag hairstyle, there have been more and more variations of this stunning hairstyle appearing...

Pauline & Laurie, our Salon Directors & Co-Founders, know it can be hard to keep up with the ever changing hair trends. That's why they decided to create this quick and easy guide to the shag haircut & other similar hairstyles, to inspire your next visit to our hair salon!

Do you want a new hairstyle, but you're not sure what to get? At our Dundee Hairdressing Salon, our skilled stylists can recommend a haircut to suit you, your face shape, personality and lifestyle. Just book in for a consultation with one of our friendly stylists at Partners! You can book your appointment online or call us on 01382 732737

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Baby Shag

While the shag hairstyle tend to be around shoulder-length, the baby shag haircut is a short shag hairstyle! The baby shag hairstyle is cut short to chin-level, like a bob, with rough layers and is often paired with a fringe.

Razor Cut Shag

At Partners Hairdressing Salon in Broughty Ferry, we can create a razor cut shag hairstyle for you. Our skilled stylists use razor cutting techniques to create this haircut (as the name suggests!). By using a razor to create a shag hairstyle, this creates more texture for a cool & trendy look.

Pixie Shag Hair Cut

If you want to go even shorted then the baby shag, then the pixie shag hairstyle is for you! The pixie shag hair cut or pixie mullet involves the hair being cut short around the sides like a pixie cropped hairstyle. However, for a pixie shag hairstyle, the hair is left longer on top with shaggy layers.

Modern Mullet

It's the return of another 70s hairstyle... The modern mullet takes the classic mullet and brings it into the 21st century!

The mullet hairstyle involves the hair being cut shorter at the front, top and sides. Then the hair is left longer at the back with some layers cut in for added texture. A modern mullet is a perfect hairstyle for men & women!

Jellyfish Hair Cut

New hair trend alert! The jellyfish hairstyle involves a bob cut with longer hair left underneath to mimic the body and tentacles of a jellyfish. This seriously cool hairstyle looks stunning when the ends of the hair are dip-dyed using a fun fashion hair colour.

At Partners Hairdressers, we are the hair colour experts in Dundee which means we can create gorgeous hair colours for whatever shag-inspired haircut you get! We are also a Wella hair salon - so we have a wide range of beautiful hair colours for you to choose from.

French Bob

Just when you thought the iconic bob couldn't get any better... The French bob is a cropped bob cut at chin-length paired with a fringe cut at the brow-line. This creates a super chic hairstyle that looks good on just about anyone!

Curly Shag Hairstyles

If you have curly hair, the shag haircut is for you! The shag hairstyle is perfect for creating gorgeous shape and volume for curly hairstyles. This layered hairstyle is ideal for curly and wavy hair!

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You'll be totally on-trend with a shag hairstyle, and with so many different variations of this haircut, you're almost spoilt for choice! If you're not sure which hairstyle would suit you the most, make sure to book in for a consultation with our expert stylists who can recommend the right haircut for you.

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